Their music, and their live performances, ignites the genre with so much energy, a swagger, a boot-stomp, a sly wink, an exuberant embrace.”

Jeff Milo; Current Magazine

Sample Video...Live at Ziggy's in Ypsilanti, MI

Live from the Rumpus Room in Chelsea

About Us..

Ypsilanti-based Mercury Salad has a simple approach to music: write tunes that make people groove. Kyle Kipp and Ozzie Andrews, both of Black Jake and the Carnies, are laying an excellent foundation of bass and drums.

Kurt Bonnell bends strings and uses slide guitar technique to add punch and variety to the mellow folk rock sound. Singer-songwriter Brooke Ratliff is the only female musician in Michigan who plays the african drum, called a djembe, while she sings. Her live performance is unique and impressive.

Come and see us around the Ann Arbor area! You can get a taste of us at: The Rumpus Room, Ann Arbor Distillery, Blom Meadworks, Riverside Arts Center, Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea, Black Fire Winery and many other wonderful venues! CLICK HERE FOR SHOWS


..twangy sound layered with beefy bits of funk, folk, and country smashed between two thick slices of acoustic-centered goodness.”

Stratton Setlist

We are unique for our acoustic funk

Let It Go

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From Left to Right: Kyle Kipp, Ozzie Andrews, Kurt Bonnell and Brooke Ratliff

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